Hi! I make funny sounds with computers. Big fan of polyrhythms.

Feel free to use my music for any of your projects, with credit.

I'm also open to commissions - feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind!

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Someone making a snow angel next to a road It's all fun and games until you start melting An expanse of ambiguous spikey orange waves. Intermittent Flop (Default Media Transmitter remix) A spooky jack-o-lantern placed on top of a computer box like it's a CRT monitor, hooked up to a keyboard and mouse. Haunted Freeware An expanse of ambiguous spikey blue waves. Assorted Futilities Some rectangular light shafts through a large window in a hallway Crunch A square pixelated blue question mark Cavern A pixel cupcake Treats A pixel coffee mug Cold mug of coffee A whole bunch of blue pixel squares Acrylic A pixelated face oof A pixel art scene of a desk with a notepad and computer monitor Sleepy A wrapped present box underneath a tree at night Two A glitchy broken pixel art computer monitor Start